Priestly Performance and the Use of Medicines for Mental Health

The high stress felt by professionals from the most diverse fields has caused the excessive consump­tion of medications. The problem is aggravated because the use of these does not always happen through the proper guidance of a professional, and this occurs for many reasons. It is noteworthy that the choice for this search for cure of various di­sorders, including food, psychological or even al­coholic ones, happens due to the exaggerated fear of what people around them will understand about the comorbidities that the subject feels. Finally, it is clear that these individuals need to disassocia­te their improvement only from their connection with faith and the consumption of over-the-counter medications, both of which are important, but with due professional guidance, which until then was non-existent.

Keywords: Health assessment. Medicines.Mental health. Priests.

Ricardo dos Santos Cirilo;
Fausto Pierdoná Guzen.

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