Neuroprotective Effect Promoted by Bitartrate

 The hippocampus is considered a central brain structure in memory formation mechanisms. With regard to Choline Bitartrate, it can be said that it is a substance capable of helping to improve an individual’s memory. Chronic choline intake has been suggested to improve behavioral, oxidative, and neurochemical outcomes in the normal popu­lation, as a safe and effective supplement to impro­ve neurological health in normal individuals, and that they may also be beneficial in preventing more phased cognitive and motor disorders late in life. In addition to observing behavioral changes after choline administration, the effect of chronic cho­line administration on changes in the redox state of the brain and on neurochemical changes in the brain and hippocampus was also determined.

Keywords: Hippocampus. Bitartrate. Neuroprotection.

Mariana Mendes Pinto;
Fausto Pierdoná Guzen.

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