Neuroplastic effect induced by Brain Skills®️ was observed in human brain cell culture

Cognitive function plays an important role in brain performance and it seems that brain functioning can be influenced by nutrition and dietary com­ponents. Nutrients regulate brain development during life, being essential for migration, growth, synapse, myelination and antioxidant/neuropro­tective effect. Conversely, the young brain is re­markably plastic and therefore more amenable to repair after nutrient repletion. In this perspective, Brain Skills ®, which consists of an association of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, precursors of neurotransmitters, energy generators and an­tioxidants, was tested in human neuron cultures. Cultured human brain tissue was maintained in culture medium in the presence or absence of ®. Brain Skills ® promoted a neuroplastic effect af­ter 72 hours of treatment, showing more develo­ped neurons, larger cell bodies, greater dendritic and axonal plasticity, in addition to presenting a greater amount of synaptic contact. The results demonstrated that the product Brain Skills ® had a significant effect on the neuroplastic development of human neurons.

Keywords: Brain Skills. Brain Culture. Development. Neuroprotection. Neuroplasticity

Fausto Pierdoná Guzen

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