Mental Health of Priests

Psychological illnesses are becoming one of the biggest problems in the world, as they affect a lar­ge number of people, regardless of age, ethnicity or class, in addition to being difficult to identify and treat. Studies show that adopting an active spi­ritual life can be effective in treating illnesses or aggravations, starting to seek a meaning for their existence and comfort for their pain. Depression is a subject that has been increasingly discussed in the media, social networks and academic envi­ronments, it is characterized by a set of depressive symptoms that when they appear for a long time cause a functional impairment for the individual, can be diagnosed as a disease, that is, it is not a sporadic sadness. Depression is a change in mood, and within health, mood is not described as joy or sadness, considering that these characteristics have very superficial aspects to define such a com­prehensive theme.

Keywords:  Mental health. Priests. Church.

Isabeline Maria de Góis Mendes de Oliveira;
Fausto Pierdoná Guzen.

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