Herbs as an Alternative Treatment for Climateric Symptoms


There is a period in the life of the woman marked by the transition from the reproductive to the non-reproductive phase a woman’s life, beginning with the decline of the ovarian function and the announcement of the menopause, to this period is called Climaterium. Conventional treatments based on hormone replacement therapy (synthetic hormones) have shown a decline in the relation of this to the development of diseases such as breast cancer, so there was a greater search for new forms of treatment, such as the use of phytohormones that have propagated in recente times in Brazil. Considering the above and the research carried out through a questionnaire applied to climacteric women in the city of Mossoro – RN, and through bibliographic reviews, this work aims at the development of a compound based on medicinal herbs marketed in the city of Mossoró that have properties the most recurrent symptoms of the climacteric, and with that providing an improvement in the quality of life of these women.

Keywords: Herbs;  Climateric; Alternative treatment; Women health.

Alan Victor Freitas Malveira;
Danielly Da Silva Rego;
Driely Dandary Soares Mendes;
Gislaine Thais Rebouças De Freitas;
Guilherme Oliveira Da Costa;
Lucas Emmanuel Rocha de Moura Marques;
Yanna Gabriele Guimarães Lopes and
Gabriella Mendes Duarte.

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