Clinical Applications of Nitric Oxide: Comprehensive Review


Around the year of 1986 nitric oxide was no longer seen by health professionals as a highly toxic molecule and began to be considered in clinical treatments. However, the discovery of their positive functions does not mitigate their negative characteristics, because of this, research and tests are performed on the functionalities and risks, however doubts and fears are still common. In biological organisms, nitric oxide may react with molecules and attenuate various processes, whereas when in contact with a high amount of the oxide or a been exposed for too long may cause intoxication. Therefore, further research and testing with the use of oxide are required to avoid com plications. Hence, the objective of the present research is to present the clinical complications caused by the use of nitric oxide in various treatments.

Keywords: Nitric Oxide. Clinical Application.

Isabeline Maria de Góis Mendes Oliveira;
Ricardo dos Santos Cirilo;
Fausto Pierdoná Guzen.

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