Brain Skills® promotes neuronal migration and development in cultivated human brain tissue

The evolution of large human brain size has had important implications for the nutritional biology of our species. The question of whether brain func­tion is entirely genetically determined or may be influenced by the environment or by nutrition has been debated for decades. Large brains are energe­tically expensive, and humans expend a larger pro­portion of their energy budget on brain metabolism than other primates. Military interest in the effects of nutritional factors on brain function has stimula­ted considerable research on a variety of food cons­tituents. In this perspective, Brain Skills®, which consists of an association of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, precursors of neurotransmitters and an­tioxidants, was tested in human neuron cultures. Brain Skills® promoted greater migratory and neu­roplastic effects after 72 hours of treatment.

Keywords: Brain Skills. Culture. Plasticity. Neuron Development.

Fausto Pierdoná Guzen

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