Benefits of Supplementation with Herbal Medicines in Anabolic Hormone Replacement Related to Aging


Exercise can be carried out according to the morphological and physiological changes of the living organism over time. The increase in life expectancy is also an achievement along with functional decline and increased disease are observed. Aging in a healthy way for a general well-being, however, when aging is not successful, the elderly have a great tendency towards a functional, cognitive and other diseases, generating the total dependence of basic activities, thus determining the need care. The present article had the objective of supplementation with phytotherapics in the anabolic hormone replacement related to aging. The study was based on the literature review, and a case study was done in the United States. Library of Medicine, Pub Direct, Science Direct, Cochrane Library, Electronic Scientific Library, Online Databases (SciELO), Scopus, Web of Science, Medline via Proquest and Periodics capturing the years between 2007 and 2019, using the terms of reference “Aging and Metabolic Alterations” “Aging and Phytotherapics” “Aging and Tribulus terrestris” “Aging and Maca Peruvian” “Aging and Ginseng”, in addition we related the term hormone with each phytotherapeutic mentioned. They observe that the herbal remedies Tribulus terrestris, Maca peruana and Ginseng possess in their combination with the chemistry, anabolic, being thus, a supplementation with these products can allow an anabolic hormonal balance, generating the effect in the levels of catabolic hormones, providing a better This topic was extracted from population longevity.

Keywords: Aging. Anabolic Hormones. Herbal Medicine. Supplementation

Anna Ingrid Soares de Sousa Espindola;
Bruna Stefany Souza Sabino;
Catarina Melissa Carlos de Castro Duarte;
Gabrielle Tereza Santos de Souza;
Marina Geovanni Marques de Santana;
Ninodja Kadja Peixoto Nóbrega;
Pedro Henrique Bezerra Gomes;
Ana Katarina Dias de Oliveira;
Fausto Pierdoná Guzen.

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